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Taste our Tagatesse - your ideal sugar substitute for a conscious lifestyle, specially designed for diabetics or those looking to avoid sugar.

No sugars
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Do you need or want to avoid sugars? Then the Damhert no sugars range is really something for you. This is because Damhert has made a sugar-free version of various classic sugar bombs. Ideal for diabetics. All products in this range contain less than 0.5g sugars per 100g. From biscuits and sweets to chocolates, there is plenty to choose from so that you can enjoy your sweets without sin.

Gluten free
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Indulge without compromise in our Gluten-Free range, specially designed for individuals with gluten intolerance, gluten allergy, non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), and celiac disease. Gluten, a protein naturally found in grains such as wheat, rye, barley, kamut, and spelt, can cause discomfort for many people.

Less sugars
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Discover our 'Less Sugars' products. At Damhert, we understand that making conscious choices in food is essential. Our 'Less Sugars' products contain only sugars that naturally occur in the ingredients, and their delicious sweetness comes from sugar substitutes. This allows us to maintain the taste you love while reducing the total amount of sugars in our products.

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Damhert provides an extensive range of plant-based dry products, including cookies, candies, jams, bread, and much more, as well as 100% plant-based meat substitutes, cheeses, and deli meats. These are made from wheat proteins with limited use of soy, enriched with vitamin B12 and iron, and contain 0% cholesterol. Most are low in sugar and rich in fiber and protein.

Lactose free
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At Damhert, we understand the drawbacks and discomfort of lactose intolerance and aim to provide a carefree solution. Our Lactose-Free range adheres to strict standards, containing less than 0.1 gram of lactose per 100g. These products not only eliminate lactose intolerance but are often also gluten-free and vegan. It is crucial to have lactose-free alternatives, and Damhert is ready to offer you a diverse range of chocolates, breakfast products, cookies, and pastas.

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Are you looking to slim down? Then Damhert's delicious Régime products are perfect to help you with weight management! Overweight comes with serious health risks, including an increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Additionally, it can lead to joint problems such as osteoarthritis, sleep disorders like sleep apnea, and psychological impacts, including decreased self-esteem and depression. Damhert's Régime range is developed to support weight management and promote healthy choices.

Swoosh fodmap
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At Damhert, we offer a wide range of functional foods, including our gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, fibre fit, and organic ranges, to meet the needs of consumers. Many of our products are also suitable for a FODMAP diet in the strictest phase (the elimination phase).

Label wellbeing
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Our Wellbeing range offers solutions for various health goals such as supporting a healthy digestion, stimulating collagen production, providing an energy boost, or aiding in detoxification: in this assortment, wellbeing takes center stage, your sanctuary in an era of inevitable speed and stress.

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Our Biofood products are grown using 100% controlled organic methods, allowing you to enjoy them with peace of mind. Additionally, all our products meet the European EU certification, ensuring the highest organic standards. We are also certified organic annually, providing assurance of quality and safety.

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Damhert, as a pioneer in health food, offers this innovative keto range. Our keto products are not only suitable for those who need to eat low-carb for health reasons but also for those embracing a ketogenic lifestyle. The carbohydrate values of the polyols in our products do not need to be counted in the carbohydrate calculation, making them ideal for keto enthusiasts.

Low carb
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Our Low Carb range is perfect for those looking to consciously avoid and limit carbohydrates. Our low carb products fit into a carbohydrate-restricted diet, suitable for people with (pre)diabetes, obesity, or those pursuing a healthy lifestyle and weight loss.

Pure fruit
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Our Pure Fruit range consists of delicious spreads without any added sugar. Our jams and syrups contain only the natural sugars present in fruit, making them purely fruit-based.

Low salt
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In our Low-Salt range, we offer a wide variety of products with reduced salt content and free of potassium. Opting for less salt not only takes care of your taste buds but also benefits your health. A low-salt diet is beneficial for various aspects of health, including the heart and kidneys. This range is also perfect for individuals with diabetes-related kidney disease.

Fibre fit
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This range is specially designed to not only support your digestion and provide long-lasting satiety but also to contribute to the prevention of certain health problems. Fibers are essential nutrients that play a role in preventing conditions such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and even reducing the risk of heart disease.

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We understand that flexitarians often seek diverse and nutritious options that meet their desires for a more plant-based diet. Our entire Damhert range is 100% vegetarian (meaning it contains no meat, fish, insects, or poultry). We draw inspiration from the best of nature and strive to offer delicious products that promote the well-being of humans, animals, and the environment.

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Take a journey back in time with our Traditional range, where we offer you familiar classics. Our Traditional products are artisanally crafted with natural ingredients, providing authentic flavors reminiscent of the good old days. From delightful honey to flavorful cookies and sesame bars, Traditional brings you the nostalgic taste of pure enjoyment, straight from us.

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Experience the artisanal flavors of Delaan - expertly crafted sauces made from 100% natural and Belgian ingredients since 1965. Dive into our artisanal selection of mayonnaise, tartar sauce, and mustard. Delaan sauces are prepared with love and craftsmanship, using 100% corn oil as a base, and contain no artificial colors or preservatives. A perfect complement to fries, cold dishes, and all your culinary creations! Choose this authenticity and enjoy the rich taste experience that Delaan has to offer.

Fit Food
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Our Fit Food range offers a selection of dried exotic fruits and seeds designed to boost your vitality. These products are carefully chosen to keep you fit, as they are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibers. These nutrients play a crucial role in increasing your energy levels and promoting a healthy gut flora.

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What are Damhert's physical point of sales?

Damhert can be bought at all the better supermarkets. In the shop the Damhert products can be found on the "healthy or dietary nutrition" shelf or among the family products (e.g. Damhert jam in the jam section). Should you be unable to find the Damhert product you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you further. We would also like to refer you to our website, where you can search for nearby shops under "Points of sale".

Nutritional questions

Which good sugar substitutes does Damhert use?

It is important to eat enough slow sugars, these are starch products such as wholemeal pasta, bread and cereal products. Slow sugars give you long-lasting, healthy energy. Fast sugars, however, such as those found in biscuits and chocolate, are best limited. Fast sugars are quickly absorbed into the blood, resulting in blood sugar spikes. Fortunately, Damhert has chosen to replace fast sugars with good alternative sweeteners in their products, but also with their own sweetener Tagatesse:

1. Polyols such as maltitol, isomalt and sorbitol are sugar substitutes that are slightly less or as sweet as sugar. They provide fewer calories than sugar and have little effect on blood sugar levels.

2. Sweeteners that do not supply energy: saccharin, cyclamate, aspartame, acesulfame-K and sucralose. These sweeteners have no effect on blood sugar levels. They are many times sweeter than sugar, so only small amounts need to be used in products.

3. Fructose or fruit sugar provides as much energy as sugar and will affect the blood sugar level, but to a lesser extent than sugar. With 1/3 less fructose the same sweet taste as sugar can be obtained.

4. Tagatesse is a sweetener created from a blend of isomalt, fibre, sucralose and tagatose. The raw material Tagatose is a sugar extracted from milk by an enzymatic process. But despite being a sugar, it has a very low glycemic index, which means blood sugar levels will not rise much. So it is perfect for people who want or have to avoid sugar, but still like sweetness.

What is the difference between purple and red Tagatesse?

Within this range, you can find Tagatesse in different forms for baking or sweetening. All these products have a nice sweet taste, no chemical aftertaste, a low calorie and carbohydrate value, which makes them ideal for people who want or have to avoid sugar. But people on a low-carb or keto diet are also in luck, because the oligosaccharide and polyol values of all our sweeteners do not have to be included in the carbohydrate calculation. Because our bodies do not absorb them.

In addition to these benefits, Tagatesse No Sugars and Tagatesse 200g are ideal for baking and cooking. You can easily replace the sugar in all your cold and hot preparations with both Tagatesse sweeteners. Tagatesse sugar free has a 1:1 sugar ratio, whereas with our other sweeteners the amount of sugar needs to be halved. So with Tagatesse, you can easily make any dessert without sugar.

What are polyols? And what is the effect of glucemic index and blood sugar?

Polyols are sweeteners that taste very similar to sugar, without having an unpleasant aftertaste like many other sweeteners. They are also found in nature, for example in trees, plants, fruit and mushrooms. The best known types are xylitol, maltitol, erythritol and isomalt.

Polyols are poorly absorbed by the small intestine. They therefore leave the body through the faeces. As a result, they provide much less energy for the body than, for example, sugar. This is of course beneficial when you are on a diet and still have a sweet tooth from time to time.

With Damhert products you do not need to count the polyols in the total carbohydrate intake you are allowed per day. We will clarify this with an example. Say your favourite biscuit contains 14 grams of carbohydrates, 10 grams of which are polyols. You only need to count 4 grams of carbohydrates instead of 14 grams for this biscuit.

What is the Keto diet?

Keto" stands for Ketogenic diet, an extreme form of the low-carb diet. In short, it means that you eat large amounts of fats, a modest amount of protein and very few carbohydrates. But it is certainly not a question of 'eat as you please'. Ideally, on the Keto diet about 70 to 80 percent of your daily calories should come from fats, about 10 to 20 percent from proteins and about 5 to 10 percent from carbohydrates.

With a normal diet of 2,000 calories a day, this amounts to:
- 165 grams of fat
- 75 grams of protein
- 20 to 30 grams of carbohydrates (with a maximum of 50g)

Our Keto products are mainly all oils, nuts, seeds and spices. Of course, we also have biscuits in our range that are completely Keto proof (less than 5 grams per serving) and among the meat substitutes you also have a nice selection of keto veggies (less than 6 grams per serving). You can recognise the Keto products by the Keto logo or the Low Carb claim.

Why is fibre so important?

Various beneficial effects are attributed to a high-fibre diet. For example, a high-fibre diet will stimulate the intestinal flora and thus produce a smoother bowel movement. There are also indications that fibre protects us against cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Fibre also has a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels and blood sugar metabolism. Because fibre has a high satiety value, it helps to combat obesity. In short, fibre is indispensable in a healthy diet.

What exactly is gluten?

Gluten is the name of a group of proteins in cereals, consisting of two types: Gliandin and glutenin. Gluten intolerance, by the way, refers to intolerance to the gliandin protein. People with intolerance have difficulty digesting these proteins.

Gluten cannot (yet) be completely removed from some types of cereals. That is why substitute grains are used, such as the "ancient grains": Millet, teff, quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat.

A gluten intolerance is often also accompanied by a dairy intolerance. That is why Damhert has a wide range of gluten and lactose free products.

The Dutch Coeliakie Vereniging has been committed to people with celiac disease since the 1970s. In order to offer consumers a safe choice, the NCV has developed a standard for suppliers of gluten-free foods. As a certified supplier, we are allowed to use the crossed grain trademark, which allows us to prove to consumers that we are a reliable supplier of safe products for the whole of Europe. We obtain our Gluten-Free certificate every year.

What is the difference between lactose intolerance and cow's milk allergy?

There is a big difference between lactose free and cow's milk free. Lactose is a sugar found in cow's milk, the so-called milk sugar. Most lactose-free products are made with cow's milk, but during the preparation process the lactose is broken down by adding lactase. This means that the milk sugars are broken down, but not the milk proteins.

In the case of lactose intolerance, you are sensitive to the milk sugars in a product. In the case of a cow's milk allergy, the body reacts allergically to the proteins contained in cow's milk. Damhert has products in its range that are Lactose free and/or Milk free. On the front of the Damhert packaging it is indicated whether the product is Lactose free by our blue claim. Whether the products are milk-free or not is indicated at the back of the packaging.

What is vegan?

The "vegan" logo is appearing more and more in supermarkets, but what does it actually mean? Vegetarians consciously choose not to eat meat, fish or gelatine. Vegans go a little further: they don't consume any animal products.

This means that they do not eat eggs, milk, honey, meat/fish or other animal products. Damhert Vegan products therefore contain no elements derived from animals and are therefore 100% vegan! We have not only meat substitutes but also bread, sweets, biscuits, etc. which are completely vegan. You can recognise our Vegan products by our Vegan Deer.

When is a product organic?

Anyone who produces food in a natural way is not allowed to use the term 'organic' just like that. Since 1 July 2010, this term has been legally protected. If you want to market your food as 'organic', you must strictly comply with all the legal provisions and you must register for an obligatory inspection. Our inspection at Damhert is carried out annually by Quality Partner, who are recognised by the competent authorities for the certification of operators active in organic production. This allows us to use the European BIO label and we have a BIO certificate.