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Pastry, ice cream, pudding, biscuits... We all love sweet! But what if you want to live a healthier life? If you want to lose weight? Or if you suffer from diabetes? Then Damhert's sweetener range is for you, because thanks to these products you can enjoy sweetness without sin!

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A ketogenic diet is a strict diet consisting of a minimum carbohydrate and an increased fat intake. Fat becomes the main source of energy in the keto diet, while in a normal diet carbohydrates are the main source of energy. The idea behind the keto diet is that there is a lot less glucose in the bloodstream, so the body can't get its energy from glucose, as it normally does.

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Biofood" products are grown in a controlled organic way. From a baked bread roll warm from the oven at breakfast, to a nibble to end the day in beauty: with us you will find (h)honest organic products for every occasion. Because organic, that's simply better!

Vegan products
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Are you a vegan? Damhert offers you a choice from a wide range of completely vegan products. From meat replacers to biscuits, sweets, jam, bread and much more. Our meat replacements are 100% vegetable and based on wheat proteins and limited use of soya. They are enriched with vitamin B12 & iron and contain 0% cholesterol.

Low carb
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The low carb range is all about avoiding and limiting carbohydrates as much as possible.

Gluten free
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Damhert lets you enjoy your familiar products with a gluten-free twist: from pasta and biscuits to bread products. We also often combine gluten-free with the claims lactose-free, vegan, allergen-free and even sugar-free. We also obtain our gluten-free certificate for our products every year. So with Damhert you can be sure of quality gluten-free enjoyment all day long.

Lactose free
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Is it difficult for your body to digest lactose? Damhert can offer you a complete lactose-free range so that this sugar naturally present in animal milk can be avoided. All lactose-free Damhert products meet the standard of less than 0.1 gram of lactose per 100g, and most can also exclude other intolerances such as gluten.

Pure fruit
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Pure fruit is a range of sandwich spreads to which no extra sugar has been added. These jams and syrups only contain the natural sugars that are present in fruit. That is why they consist purely of fruit. This range also contains a vanilla wafer and gingerbread sweetened with fructose (sugar from fruit). Discover on this page all the flavours of our pure fruit jams and the other products.

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It is a must to let off some steam now and then in an age where speed and stress are unimaginable. In Damhert's Wellbeing range you will find an extensive selection of delicious herbal infusions, energy shots, herbal food supplements and traditional herbal syrups. A responsible way to relax and enjoy yourself, because nature is more powerful than you think.

No sugars
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Do you need or want to avoid sugars? Then the Damhert no sugars range is really something for you. This is because Damhert has made a sugar-free version of various classic sugar bombs. Ideal for diabetics. All products in this range contain less than 0.5g sugars per 100g. From biscuits and sweets to chocolates, there is plenty to choose from so that you can enjoy your sweets without sin.

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Go back in time with Damhert's Traditional range. In this range Damhert also offers familiar classics, traditionally prepared products with natural ingredients and authentic flavours. Traditional is a range from honey to biscuits and sesame bars. Enjoy their nostalgic flavour, deliciously home-made.

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Vegetarian food is food that does not contain anything from a killed animal. This means that there is no meat, fish, insects or poultry in it. Are you a vegetarian? Then you have come to the right place at Damhert, because we act out of respect for people, animals and the environment.

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The sauces of Delaan, artisanal sauces based on 100% natural and Belgian ingredients since 1965. Discover our artisanal mayonnaise, tartar sauce, cocktail sauce and mustard. Traditionally prepared sauces based on 100% corn oil, without colouring agents or preservatives. Excellent with fish dishes, cold dishes, in short: all your dishes!

Fibre fit
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Fibres are important nutrients and contribute to a healthy digestion. They also give you a feeling of satiety after eating. The Damhert Fibre Fit cereals and seeds range gives you extra energy so you are less likely to crave an unhealthy snack.

Low salt
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Have you been served a low-salt menu by your doctor or do you just like to watch your daily salt intake preventively? Damhert helps you on your way! A low-salt diet certainly does not have to be a punishment. In this range you will find all the products with a reduced salt content. Growing old together with less salt!

Fit Food
Label fit Food

Fit Food is a range of dried exotic fruits and seeds that are organically grown. These products will keep you fit, as they contain vitamins, minerals and fibre. These foods are important for the body, as they increase your energy level and promote intestinal flora. Discover our Fit food products on this page and feel the energy!

Less sugars
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The Damhert 'Less sugars' products contain only naturally occurring sugars. They get their delicious sweet taste from the polyol maltitol. These sugar substitutes have little or no effect on the sugar level (glycemic index). Damhert offers you your familiar products, but with a better composition and lower calorie value so that you too can enjoy them with less sugar.

Label regime

Do you want to lose weight? Then Damhert's delicious Régime products are perfect to help you manage weight! Damhert Régime is a protein-rich diet consisting of delicious meal shakes and bars. With this range, there is a suitable alternative to replace regular meals for everyone.

Eco cleaning
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As a pioneer within the functional food sector, Damhert Nutrition is taking the next big step towards a better environment and a healthier lifestyle. From now on your trusted Damhert quality is also available in cleaning products, which are completely free of animal testing.

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What is the keto diet?

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You can't ignore the trend of the Keto diet these days. Almost every magazine is talking about it. But what exactly is a Keto diet? Filling your hungry stomach with fatty foods while the kilos fly off?

The keto diet - or ketogenic diet - is a low-carb diet in which 70 to 80 per cent of your total calorie intake consists of fats, about 10 to 20 per cent of proteins and about 5 to 10 per cent of carbohydrates. It puts your body into 'ketosis' because you eliminate the natural fuel source carbohydrates. This is mostly phrased as: you burn fat.

Losing weight with the keto diet: ketosis

Ketosis is achieved through a physical process called ketogenesis. Because you eat extremely few carbohydrates, you deprive your brain of glucose as its main food. Your body still needs fuel to function, so it increases the concentration of ketones in your blood by breaking down fatty acids. Think of it as a hybrid car whose petrol runs out and it continues running on electricity.

What are ketones?

But what are ketones then? To live and move, a body needs energy. Everything you eat is converted to glucose, a body's fuel, in the stomach and intestines. Insulin allows cells to convert the glucose into energy. When there is not enough insulin to convert glucose, the body starts using fats. This is when ketones are released. Ketones are waste products released when fats are broken down.

Fat contains more calories per gram than carbohydrates and proteins. When you eat more calories than your body needs, it can eventually lead to weight gain. But it is possible to lose weight with a diet focused on fat, as long as you stick carefully to the programme. Initially, you lose weight because your body loses fluid in response to the drastically reduced intake of carbohydrates. Because you have to omit a lot of foods from your normal diet (in this case carbohydrates), you may also start eating less, which makes you lose even more weight.

There is some evidence that you can lose fat if a large proportion of your calories come from fat. This works as follows: The cells in your body normally prefer to get their energy from glucose (sugars that come from the carbohydrates you ingest). If you follow a diet with very few carbohydrates and lots of fats, your body switches from burning sugar to burning fat. This process takes place in the liver, releasing as a by-product so-called Ketones, which are an alternative source of energy.

Keto diet: what can you eat?

With a normal diet of 2,000 calories a day, this equates to:

  • 165 gram fat
  • 75 gram protein
  • 20 tot 30 gram carbohydrates (with a maximum of 50g)

Starchy vegetables such as potatoes, corn and pumpkin have too high a carbohydrate content for a ketogenic diet. The same goes for many fruits. Milk, beans, rice, pasta, bread: forget it. Even a carbohydrate-filled 'cheatmeal' is out of the question. The diet is labelled extreme for a reason.

So what can you eat? Fortunately, Damhert has a nice range of products that are completely keto proof.

Our Keto products are mainly all oils, nuts, seeds and spices. Of course, we also have biscuits in our range that are completely Ketoproof (less than 5 grams per serving) and among the meat substitutes, you also have a nice range of keto veggies (less than 6 grams per serving). You can recognise the Keto products by the Keto logo or the Low Carb claim. You can find all our Keto products under the Keto range in our webshop.

Why is it that some products are Keto but still have a high carbohydrate value?

Pay close attention to the calculation! You have to subtract the value of the polyols from the carbohydrate value.

Polyols are sweeteners that taste very similar to sugar, without having a nasty aftertaste like many other sweeteners. They also occur in nature, for example in trees, plants, fruits and mushrooms. The best-known types are xylitol, maltitol, erythritol and isomalt. Polyols are not absorbed by the body. They therefore leave the body through the faeces. As a result, they provide much less energy to the body than, say, sugar. This is of course beneficial if you are on a diet but still have sweet cravings from time to time.

With Damhert products, polyols do not need to be included in your daily carbohydrate intake. We will clarify this with an example. Say your favourite biscuit contains 14 grams of carbohydrates, of which 10 grams are polyols. You then only need to count 4 grams of carbohydrates for this biscuit instead of 14 grams.

Some Tips:

1. Avoid empty carbohydrates: By this we mean certain types of food that are high in calories and low in nutrition. Some examples include: breakfast cereals, soft drinks, crisps, coffee drinks, sweets, sweetened tea drinks, juices, applesauce, snack bars, frozen yoghurt, ...

2. Don't fear fat: Trying to survive on protein and low-carb vegetables very quickly results in fatigue, lack of energy and overall malaise that ultimately makes the diet impossible to sustain. So it is important to consume enough fats and provide the body with the necessary energy, obviously without overdoing it because you can also do the opposite and eat too much fat.

3. Go for green: when choosing low-carbohydrate vegetables, choose green such as spinach, cucumber, Brussels sprouts, green onion, green pepper, courgette, broccoli, celery, lettuce, etc.

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